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The powder has been great for me. Would recommend it to anyone with heart health issues.

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Good Beets!

I’ve been using this for 3 months now. I prefer having it with juice because of the no added flavours. So far so good!!!

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So tasty

I never thought I’d have beets daily but I'm loving the taste of this powder. My gut has gotten so good. Thanks BetterAlt!

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Dr. Susan Bass

MSc in Ayurveda and Integrated Medicine

Beetroots are rich in nitrate oxides that widen your blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health. I highly recommend adding this to your diet because the vitamin c, folates, iron and betalains will only support your overall health and well-being.

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Really, you can't 'beet' this solution.

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Tastes like fresh beet juice!

I am a believer in this after a month! I feel much better and have much more energy. I love how easy it mixes without clumps! TASTES like FRESH Beet Juice! I get all the benefits of the fresh beet juice without the red hands!