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Shannon Shepherd
Better Alt Himalayan Shilajit

I love this product ,it seems to help with my sex drive ,my stamina ,my overall energy level when working out . I just enjoy this product cause it's all natural and lab tested .I've tried lots of products but this one works well for me and my blood pressure is is at a normal level when I was constantly having really high BP .

Thanks for sharing your experience, Shannon! We are glad you are loving it. Hope to see you again soon.


Taken one pea size for 19 days straight. Nothing has changed in my body or it's regularies. I'm over 60. Something should have changed, even a bowel movement. Is it possible my body is stronger than your resin that look like hard wet coffee.

Hi Manny! We recommend you use the product for at least 3 months to see effective results. Ayurveda treats problems from the very causative roots, so it always takes longer to see the results, but we're sure you'll see them if you continue consistently! Consistency is a key in seeing results sooner!

Aaron Joseph

It is amazing and does exactly what it is claimed to do

Rox Cane

Love it. I’m 70 and feel like 40. Excellent product!!!! I even like the taste. I just suck it off the spoon and wash it down with a little juice. Highly recommend it!!!!!

Alex parker
It just works

I started using it just once a day before breakfast. Paired with exercise, I've lost 19 lbs, have amazing energy, and feel like I could lift cars. It works.